Sunday, March 27, 2011

OiL Change

oil change is one of the routine activities that must be done by the users of the machine, be it a car engine, diesel, sepada motors, industrial machinery and all the machine tools that use lubricating oil.

oil change is very important in keeping your comfort in using the tools or objects that you use. because each oil has kelumasan each level - individual, so must the sesuikan use the following procedure for your oil change, a driver

1. Jack up the disciplinarian advanced ancillary of car (this accomplish the oil cesspool against the bung in the oil pan, which is on the commuter side).

2. Open the hood. Slide an oil cesspool pan beneath the oil pan.

3. Loosen the 13mm bolt in the centermost of the oil clarify brazier apartment (it's aluminum -- abreast front/top of engine), abolish the bolt, and abolish the awning to the canister.

4. Abolish the old oil filter.

5. Abolish the oil cesspool bung from the oil pan (I anticipate it's 17mm but I'm not sure) and cesspool the oil.

6. Replace the baby O-ring at the basal of the oil brazier bolt. Replace the washer at the top of the oil brazier bolt. Replace the elastic O-ring on the oil brazier cover. (All genitalia are in the Mahle clarify box - Mahle clarify is allotment cardinal OX68D).

7. Install the fresh oil filter. Install the brazier awning and brazier bolt. Bind the bolt to 15-18 ft. lbs of torque..

8. Replace the washer on the cesspool bung (new washer comes with Mahle filter). Reinstall cesspool bung and bind to 25 ft. lbs.

9. Abolish oil ample cap on top of agent and add 7 qts. of oil to engine.

10. Lower car off jack and run agent to analysis for leaks. The red oil ablaze on the birr will break on for a few abnormal until the fresh oil gets to the brazier and repressurizes the system.

oil change on a regular basis benefit by making the engine more durable and precision, the sound of the engine to be smooth because the power is still the standard lubricating oil and lubricating oil is more perfect power and engine power would be the maximum working

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